Eclara Round Chandelier

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A Modern Masterpiece in Lighting Design

Elevate your living spaces with the Eclara Round Chandelier, a symphony of contemporary elegance and modern lighting design. Meticulously crafted from premium metal and finished in a lustrous black sheen, this round chandelier exudes sophistication. The captivating silhouette, adorned with black glass lampshades, casts a celestial glow, transforming any space into a realm of refined opulence. Versatile and stylish, Eclara effortlessly graces various settings, from luxurious dining rooms to chic living spaces.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Brilliance: Ideal for any indoor retreat in search of stylish brilliance, Eclara promises to be the focal point of your decor.
  • Bright Illumination: Powered by G9 bulbs, it ensures bright and effective lighting to illuminate your space with a touch of modernity.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: Designed to use energy wisely without compromising on brightness, Eclara balances style and eco-consciousness.
  • Lasting Impression: Eclara promises a lasting impression of elegance and style in any space, creating an atmosphere of contemporary luxury.
  • Long-Lasting LEDs: Equipped with LEDs boasting 50,000 hours of operating life, Eclara ensures enduring radiance.
  • Height Adjustable: Personalize your radiance by embracing the freedom of installation with Eclara's height-adjustable design.

How to Operate:

  • Ceiling Installation: Hang it from a ceiling like a chandelier for a striking overhead presence.
  • Wall Installation: Alternatively, screw it onto the wall using the included brackets for a unique wall-mounted lighting solution.
  • Plug-and-Play: Simply plug it into any electrical socket to turn it on, providing hassle-free operation.


  • 39.4" / 100cm
  • 47.3" / 120cm
  • 59.1" / 150cm


    Eclara's effortlessly sleek and refined aesthetic brings an air of modern luxury to any space it graces.


    Embrace the freedom of installation with its height-adjustable design for a personalized touch.


    Available in three sizes to complement and enhance the aesthetic of your unique space.