Aether Table Lamp

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Illuminate Your Space with Enigmatic Elegance

Experience the enchanting allure of the Aether Table Lamp, where innovation meets sophistication in a mesmerizing display of light. This remarkable lamp features a captivating levitating bulb atop a sleek wooden base, casting a warm, ethereal glow that adds a touch of magic to any room. Embrace the beauty of modern design with the Aether Table Lamp, a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and functionality.


  • Innovative Design: Seamlessly blending science and design, the Aether Table Lamp captivates with its levitating bulb, creating an enchanting visual spectacle.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with shatterproof materials, the Aether Table Lamp ensures lasting durability and timeless elegance.
  • Touch On/Off Switch: Enjoy convenient operation with the touch-sensitive on/off switch, providing effortless control over your lighting experience.
  • 360° Rotating Effect: The bulb boasts a 360° rotating effect, allowing you to customize the direction of light to suit your preferences.
  • Multiple Plug Types: Choose from five plug types (EU, US, AU, CN & UK), ensuring compatibility with various electrical outlets worldwide.
  • Wireless Electricity Transfer: Utilizing a combination of induction and magnetism, the Aether Table Lamp creates wireless electricity transfer between the bulb and base, eliminating the need for traditional cords and sockets.
  • Energy-Efficient LEDs: Equipped with energy-efficient LEDs, the Aether Table Lamp offers up to 50,000 hours of continuous illumination, providing long-lasting brightness for your space.


  • Place the lamp on any surface, such as a desk or shelf.
  • Plug the lamp into any electrical socket.
  • Use the attached touch-sensitive button to effortlessly control the lamp's illumination.


  • Base: 5.9" x 1.2" / 15cm x 3cm
  • Bulb: 2.4" x 4.5" / 6cm x 11cm


Elevate your space with the enigmatic levitating design of the Aether Table Lamp, making it a captivating centerpiece in any room.

Aether Table Lamp


Experience the wonder of wireless electricity transfer as the LED bulb floats in midair, casting a warm, calming light that transforms your environment.

Aether Table Lamp


Embrace modernity with the Aether Table Lamp, a contemporary masterpiece that infuses your space with elegance and intrigue.

Aether Table Lamp