Elysia Pendant Light

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Infuse Warmth and Individuality Into Your Home Decor

Elysia Pendant Light draws inspiration from cocoon design, introducing a touch of modern creativity to your dining or living room. Each pendant light is meticulously crafted with soft yet durable silk strands, forming a unique and cloud-like shape. The special spraying process ensures that each piece boasts subtly distinctive veining, adding a layer of individuality to your space. Revel in the warm and inviting glow, as Elysia transforms your home into a stylish haven. Elevate your decor with these modern luminaires that seamlessly blend functionality with exceptional design.

Key Features:

  • Warm, Inviting Glow: Elysia emits a warm and inviting glow through its carefully designed shades, creating an ambiance of comfort and style.
  • Resilient Craftsmanship: Crafted with thin yet resilient polymer strands, Elysia guarantees long-lasting quality, ensuring the pendant light remains an exquisite addition to your decor.
  • Unique Design: The unique design is achieved by skillfully spraying strands around the frame, offering a distinctive aesthetic that sparks conversations and captures attention.
  • Statement Piece: Elysia isn't just a pendant light; it's a statement piece that enhances dining areas, living rooms, or cozy corners with its captivating presence.


  • 16" / 40cm
  • 20" / 50cm
  • 24" / 60cm
  • 28" / 70cm


    Blending seamlessly with contemporary decor, Elysia complements living or dining spaces with its modern and sophisticated aesthetics.


    Elysia elevates the atmosphere, creating a cozy and stylish living space where warmth meets individuality.