Helios Alabaster Wall Sconce

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Illuminate Your Space with the Helios Alabaster Wall Sconce
Experience the Beauty of Celestial Lighting

The Helios Alabaster Wall Sconce is a stunning light fixture that brings an ethereal touch to any room. With its unique design inspired by celestial objects, this sconce adds a touch of otherworldly charm to your space. The alabaster shade emits a soft, pearl-like luminosity that creates a pure and beautiful ambiance. Whether used individually or in a group, these sconces are sure to make a striking statement and enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.


  • Unique celestial design: Resembling a celestial object, this wall sconce adds an otherworldly charm to your space.
  • Eye-catching centerpiece: Serve as a bright and eye-catching centerpiece in any room, drawing attention and admiration.
  • Pure and elegant glow: The alabaster shade emits a pearl-like luminosity, offering a soft and elegant glow.
  • Customizable arrangement: Combine multiple sconces to create a customized and striking arrangement that suits your space.
  • Adjustable lighting: Provides adjustable lighting options to create various ambiance settings according to your preference.


  • 5.9"/ 15cm
  • 7.9"/ 20cm
  • 11.8" 30cm


Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your walls with the Helios Alabaster Wall Sconce. Its elegant design adds both functionality and style to your space, elevating the overall decor.


The Helios Alabaster Wall Sconce makes a striking visual statement, combining functionality with artistic allure. Let this exquisite piece become a focal point in your home, transforming your space into a work of art.