Luminara Outdoor Wall Lamp

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Luminara Outdoor Wall Lamp
Architectural Elegance Meets Versatile Illumination

Enhance your outdoor space with our Luminara Outdoor Wall Lamp. Its sleek, modern design adds style to any terrace or balcony. The two-way lighting feature provides versatility, while the waterproof design ensures durability in all weather conditions. Illuminate your surroundings with energy-efficient LED technology, combining functionality and aesthetics effortlessly.


  • Featuring a modern and unique shape, this outdoor lamp adds a stylish touch to your exterior.
  • Ideal for terrace, balcony, or wall installation, providing versatility to suit your outdoor layout.
  • Designed for hassle-free setup, ensuring a quick and straightforward installation process.
  • Built for longevity, the lamp ensures prolonged use and reliability over an extended period.
  • Provides ample lighting coverage, making it suitable for illuminating larger outdoor areas.

Dimensions: 4" x 6.4" / 10cm x 16.5cm

Dual Illumination

Enjoy customizable lighting with two-way luminosity, catering to different outdoor lighting needs.

Secure Mounting

Comes with a robust mounting system for stability and safety during installation.