Zara Accent Chair

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Zara Accent Chair
Elegance Meets Comfort in our Retro-Inspired Leather Chaise Longue

Elevate your space with our Zara Accent Chair, a Scandinavian-style piece that exudes charm with its retro distressed full leather upholstery. Designed for both style and comfort, this accent chair is perfect for creating cozy reading nooks or relaxation corners in your home. The fusion of vintage appeal and contemporary design makes the Zara Accent Chair a standout addition to any chic living area or inviting den.

Key Features:
  • Ample Lounging Space: Provides generous room for stretching out and relaxing comfortably.
  • Comfortable Support: Ensures prolonged comfort and relaxation without strain.
  • Elegant Stability: Offers a stable base while adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Versatile Colors: Available in various hues to complement different color schemes.
  • Plush Comfort: Features plush cushioning for exceptional coziness.
  • 29.5" x 31.8" / 75 x 81cm


  • Gray
  • Black
  • Brown¬†
  • Coffee
  • Cognac
  • Dark Brown¬†

Elegant Button 
Enhances the overall design and adds a touch of sophistication. 


Reinforced Frame 
Provides stability and durability for long-term use.